Spring is officially (and practically for us Canadians) here bringing with it all the pretty, beautiful colours and feels. What better way to celebrate the season than to create quirky, playful types and graphics with this collection of beautiful brush lettered fonts?

Being a typeface addict who is constantly scavenging the Interweb for unique and edgy fonts I am always looking for awesome typefaces to expand my collection. In fact, a good amount of my time is spent pinning on my Typography Board on Pinterest – what? Its actually pretty fun okay!

Anyways, below our my top 6 picks for free Brush Lettered Fonts – however please be sure to check the licenses since some of them require you to purchase a license for commercial use, otherwise all are free for personal use 🙂

6 Brush Lettered Fonts

6 brush lettered fonts

As you can see, this collection of brush lettered fonts range from thin and clean, to messy and thick resulting in versatility and giving you more freedom in creating graphics for your projects!

Hopefully these appeal to you as much as they appealed to my typface-addicted-soul. If you have some other typefaces that you just adore and love, please send them along my way as well since I love expanding my font collection 🙂

Happy typing!

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