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I am a big typeface geek for those of you who haven’t yet noticed. Most of my – ahem – “free time” is spent browsing the web for fonts and playing around with them on Photoshop or Illustrator.

In fact, most of my projects always involve some form of typefaces, which is why most of my day at my day job and my freelance work is spent working with fonts and figuring out the best way to showcase them on the artwork.

However, finding the right pair for your graphics or website can be a bit daunting and it may often be a hit or a miss. Therefore, I decided I’ll help my fellow creatives out by pairing 12 of my favourite free fonts of all time – well there may be some other favourites… but I’ll post those ones later 🙂

6 Pairs of Free Fonts

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Most of these fonts may already be in your default collection, however, for those of you who don’t have these gems, below are the sources you can grab them from.


Fonts with * can also be found on Google fonts in case you want to use them for your blog or website.

Hope these pairings of free fonts help you decide the perfect pair for your brand and/or projects. If you have any suggestions or would like to add to the list comment away below!

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