What is SSL?

SSL stands for secure sockets layer. It is essentially a security measure for websites that tend to handle sensitive data and information. It basically allows a secure connection between the visitor’s browser and the server of the website they are intending to visit. Even though SSL is necessary for any site that sells products or services, it is in fact a good idea to add it to any website that handles or collects personal information from its visitors, such as phone number, email addresses, etc. Considering there are many reasons why all websites should have an SSL certificate installed, I, therefore, decided to list 6 reasons why you must install an SSL certificate for your website or blog.


6 Reason Why Your Website Needs an SSL Certificate

Here are the 6 tops reasons why you must purchase an SSL certificate for your website and/or blog

1) Encrypts Information

This was a given. Like I mentioned before, SSL is a security measure for websites dealing with sensitive data, as it encrypts the information transferred between the server of your site and your visitors’ browsers. This protects the two parties from unauthorized parties who might aim to steal sensitive data while it is being transferred.

2) Boosts Customer Confidence & Trust

One of the major benefits of SSL certificates is that it clearly shows your visitors that your site is a safe place to visit. SSL certified websites have an https tag instead of http. There is also a green lock or bar (if you add the extended certificate) displayed on the browser’s search bar to visually display the secured status of your website. This immediately gains the trust of your visitor as they know your site is authentic and reliable.

3) Necessary for Payments

Being one of the primary reasons of having an SSL certificate, if you sell any good or products through website regardless of how much they’re priced and how often they sell, it is necessary to have one for your website. This helps protect your customers and yourself from any unauthorized parties and unwanted attacks.

4) Boosts Brand Power

Since SSL certification helps gain customers’ trust and confidence, it is really helps boost your brand’s power. I don’t know about you but when I see a website or blog with an https or green lock, I am immediately impressed and confident that the brand knows what its doing and thus, the brands image and power increases tremendously for me. This goes for most visitors. If they see that you have taken measures to ensure your visitors’ and customers’ safety and want to provide a safe environment for everyone, your brand image is immediately strengthened.

5) Google

If you’re like any of us bloggers and content marketers, you may be working towards improving your SEO and rank. Google recently announced that it will penalize the rankings of a site that does not have an SSL certificate and requires websites to have it installed – what can be a more pressing reason than that!?

6) Protects from Phishing Scams

Most of us have come across many stories of people falling victims to phishing scams, or chances are you may have even received emails or requests that may be from phishing websites. Phishing, basically, is a practice in which scammers tend to disguise themselves as reputable companies or websites in order to fool visitors in to submitting sensitive information. However, having an SSL certificate greatly reduces the chances of someone disguising themselves as you to fool your visitors. Since, SSL certificates verify the website’s authentication and identity, and display the green bar each time your visitors view your website, it will be difficult for scammers to fool them. Any visitor who would be led to the phishing website will immediately notice the absence of the green lock and will know that this isn’t you.

Many hosting providers have packages that come with SSL certificates. For instance, Blue Host’s Shared Hosting Business Pro package provides a complimentary SSL certificate. Otherwise, CDNs like Cloudflare also provide you with the option of purchasing an SSL certificate and adding it to your website.

Hope this article helped you understand what SSL certification really is and how it can help your website and blog be a safer place for your customers and visitors.

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