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Align to Impact

A Hybrid Coaching Program for the Strategic Visionaries


Align to Impact, is a 8-week brand coaching program that allows strategic visionaries to develop and establish the brand of their dreams.

Learn how to stand out online, turn your dream into reality and begin making your mark that you’ve always envisioned. The mark that we both know you’ve spent months day dreaming about.

Can you relate?


  • You’re fed up of figuring out who you are as a brand when everyone else seems to be so on point with theirs
  • You’re afraid of showing up online despite knowing you have so much value to offer
  • You don’t know your voice and thus you feel unsure of your messaging or even how to position yourself as the expert of your industry
  • Despite sharing high value content you seem to fail to make the connection with your prospect dream clients no matter the content strategy
  • You’re bombarded with free workshops and videos that are sitting in your library because despite knowing the what of things, it is the how of things that are keeping you from soaring
  • You’re stuck in the same spot for months after months even though you’ve been working your ass off

The struggle really is real…


The Internet is filled with noise coming from so-called “Gurus” telling you to…

  • Focus on sharing content after content because that’s how you’ll connect with your audience
  • Focus on quantity over quality, because more leads equal to more sales, right? Umm… No
  • Offer shortcuts and get-rich-fast tactics when in reality those things hardly ever work
  • Tell you how the algorithm works when in reality no one truly knows


Align to Impact…

Being where you are today, I realize that the struggle can be extremely hard and the road to entrepreneurial success can be a lonesome and tiresome one.


I created Align  to Impact, a brand development program that helps the strategic action takers to develop brands that are not only stunning and eye-grabbing but are also backed with solid strategy to ensure that they are more than just a pretty face so that you can connect with your ideal clients on a much deeper level & partner up with to create epic magic together!

What Does the Program Entail?

Mindset Coaching

We are what we think. Thus, a big chunk of the program is dedicated to developing mindset to unlock personal blocks that are keeping you from achieving your goals. It is often us who are our biggest obstacles and road blocks so it is only wise to start the work from within so we can open ourselves to abundance and success!

In the program, you will be guided on how to work on our mindsets both in terms of unlocking our potential as successful entrepreneurs, as well as, training our minds to think and act like brand strategists.

Brand Embodiment

Your energy is your brand, therefore it is critical to develop a brand that embodies your energy, beliefs, values as well as those of your soulmate clients’. This is why, we will be working together to cultivate a brand that embodies all of these elements & ingredients.

Brand Development & Strategy

Once we gain the understanding and become able to execute as well, we will begin to start to putting the puzzle together to develop our brand. Often times, many of us get stuck between thinking like a brand strategist and executing a strategy. In Brand to Impact, we aim to think and act like brand strategist and art directors. While, yes, we may not be able to code our way to success by the end of the program, we will have enough understanding to develop and execute a brand + website, as well as a solid social media presence.

Is the Program a Right Fit for Me?

Are you…

  • A lifestyle brand or a service-based business and
  • Have the passion and want to build an online business that is backed by a solid brand presence
  • You know the what of things but completely lost when it comes to the how of it
  • You have so much value you can provide but you just don’t know how to stand out in the noise that is the Internet
  • You are hella confused as to how to show up online or even schedule out the content
  • Despite doing a sh*t ton of work (or so it seems) you seem to be treading waters and literally going nowhere fast
  • The ever-changing algorithm gives your neurons shocks after shocks and you just don’t even feel it worth working with
  • You dream of building a brand that does the for you instead of the other way around- yes, that is a possibility!

Sounds like you?

Keep on reading, my friend!

What Does the Program Teach?

Developing a Business Model that is both Lucrative and Aligns with Who You Are

Understanding What a Brand Entails and How to Develop Strategy

Brand Design & Website Creation

Leveraging Storytelling to Make an Impactful Impression that Converts

Developing a Compelling Brand Experience that Makes a Lasting Impression

A Strong Social Media Presence, including Email Marketing, that Makes an Impact No Matter the Algorithm

What Does the Program Include?

Align to Impact Mastermind Exclusive Video Library

(worth $2997)

When you join Align  to Impact, you will gain access to the self-paced course modules, i.e. a vast collection of tutorials and lectures. This is the backbone of the program as the course will teach you everything you need to build yourself an impactful brand.

Weekly Group Coaching Calls

(worth $3000)

This is where the magic begins to brew. It takes a village to grow a brand, really. During the group calls, we will strategize, discuss, and execute all the wonderful ideas you’ve been cooking up while going through the self-paced course. The aim for the group calls is to give individualize help and guidance so we can get your brand to where it deserves! During our group calls, we will connect and ideate concepts that not only make a grand impression but also have a tremendous impact. Multiple minds are better than just one or two and so with that idea in mind, we will come together weekly to discuss, critique and guide each other to success! The calls will be a mesh of coaching, strategizing & Q/A.

Automation & Systems

(worth $2000)

Align to Impact is an all-rounder program, meaning not only will you be coached on how to create compelling brand experience, you will also get guidance when it comes to building a system that works for you. Part of designing a brand experience is to have a system in place that allows you to maintain a consistent image. Therefore, during the course, you will be taught how to set up an automations system that will enhance your client’s journey of your brand.

Visual Brand Design

(worth $2000)

Like mentioned before, this is an all-rounder program, where you will be coached and tutored on how to create compelling design and imagery,  Having a strategic & aesthetic brand design in place ensures that your brand makes a killer impression to make impact! You will taught the basics of design principles, the importance of visuals, how to create a logo design, colour palette, typography selection, social media template aaand two collaterals of your choice that will aid your brand better. See? There’s no cookie cutters here!

Custom Designed Website & WordPress Workshop

(worth $2500)

Websites are key to converting your audience into dream clients. It is not just an interactive poster to promote your offerings, it is an experience that keeps your client going on their journey of your brand. Since, our main purpose at Align  to Impact is to ensure you are immediately set up for success, you will be taught how to create a custom designed website that is backed by a solid strategy that is custom to you! You will also learn the ins and outs of WordPress to ensure that you can navigate your website & even be able to build upon it all by yourself!

the Impacter’s Community


Did I mention that it takes a village to establish a brand? I did? Oh well, let me say it again… It takes a village to establish a brand! Being part of Align  to Impact means you’re part of the clique, the Agora where we gather up and strategize together to help elevate each other’s brands to great heights!

How Much Does the Program Actually Cost?


Pay in Full


  • 8 Weeks of Expert Group Coaching
  • Lifetime Access to self-paced course
  • Coaching & Tutorials on:
    • Brand Development & Strategy
    • Brand Identity Design
    • Website Design
    • Automation & Systems Framework
  • Weekly Group support & Live Q/A sessions
  • The Exclusive Collective, i.e. Access to a Private community portal

Payment Plan



  • 8 Weeks of Expert Group Coaching
  • Lifetime Access to self-paced course
  • Coaching & Tutorials on:
    • Brand Development & Strategy
    • Brand Identity Design
    • Website Design
    • Automation & Systems Framework
  • Weekly Group support & Live Q/A sessions
  • The Exclusive Collective, i.e. Access to a Private community portal

Optional Upgrade


Brand Design

Valued at $2447

Experience Design

Valued at $2997

Web Design

Valued at $1997

Upgrade for only


Inquire to Upgrade

Meet Your Guides


brand development

A true storyteller at heart, Fatima left the corporate world to turn her passion into profit. She always knew she wanted to narrate beautiful stories in the most creative way possible. Stories that were both personal and fantasy. What Fatima didn’t know was how to turn this passion into something more… So she set out to find the answers.

The beginning of the journey was tough for she had no idea where to begin and what direction to head towards. This is when Fatima made one of the biggest mistakes, she didn’t think it was important to ask for guidance. Thus, she set out aimlessly and blindly, falling trap to obvious obstacles that left her further away from where she wanted to go.

Finally… it began to dawn on her how lost she was and if she intended to make it to her destination she needed to open herself to being guided, to be helped. And so she did… she reached out, found her guide, and got to where she always knew she’d belong and she was right.

And that’s how her biggest mistake turned into her most valuable lesson.

Now, Fatima, aims to be that guide for others. To help them be the storytellers of their brands, of their dream. To help them turn their passion into profit, into something much more than a fantasy, so they can finally start living it!


brand development

Taylor has been an artist ever since she can remember.

During college, she operated as a portrait photographer and studied graphic design, and through her studies, discovered branding. She graduated with her bachelor’s in 2018 and began freelancing as a brand photographer & designer. It was then she stumbled upon entrepreneurship, personal development, & the coaching industry.

But upon breaking into the industry, she was confronted by cookie cutter programs & a lack of diversity in the thoughts & ideas within it. She recognized a need for more diversity, integrity & humanity to be brought into the online space.

Through immense personal development & self discovery, she was able to find clarity & confidence in who she was, leaving behind disempowering sales tactics & fully stepping into the new age of mindful marketing.

She believes that branding + marketing isn’t just about looking good, closing clients, and making bank—it’s about reaching your highest potential, becoming who you were made to be, & harnessing that energy and using it to change the world. Her coaching blends mindset & strategy to create a holistic experience in which her clients can uncover & embody the most powerful version of themselves & integrate it seamlessly into their online presence & message.

Taylor’s objective isn’t to help you do more—it’s to help you be more.

So, what’s it gonna be?

Are you ready to take Action?

Still on the fence?

I know it can be tough trying to figure out what your next steps should be. Mistakes can be big setbacks and sometimes we need to be careful as to not fall prey to every shiny thing that is presented to us. Trust me, I know, I am just like you and I have been where you are right now.

I have always believed that magic is created on the foundations of strong and trusting relationships. As your potential coach, your guide, it is important to test out that very foundation, whether or not we are the right fit for each other.

So let’s take our relationship out for a test drive to see if we are the right match. To see if I can guide you to where you need to be and whether or not you feel you can trust me to take you take.

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