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Ever see pins with brief descriptions and favicon of the website it was pulled from and wonder how to adapt that to your own WordPress site or blog? I did that too once, and it was kind of a pain to figure it out. However, once I did figure it out, it was the easiest thing in the world to implement.

Having Rich Pins does not only make your WordPress site or brand look official but it also has several other key benefits. For instance, your Rich Pins automatically update themselves should your blog posts go through any updates or changes. Also, it is a no brainer that Rich Pins have higher visibility due to their official looking stance, making them stand out more while competing with other pins. If you blog posts is about a recipe, your Rich Pin will have a brief summary about the list of ingredients, steps, etc. displayed on the pin itself. Lastly, if the pin is regarding a product you’re selling, it will display it’s price, making it easier for your viewers.

Anyhoo, considering I might not be the only lost soul every one in a while, I decided to dedicate a post to show you how to add Rich Pins from your blog on to Pinterest.

Let’s get Started!

Step 1: Ensure that your website is validated by Pinterest.

To do this, you need to click on the Profile edit and confirm your website. You will be given a metadata tag which you can either paste it on to the header of your website or you can take the easy route and use Yoast SEO plugin to do that where you simply click on the Social button in the plugin’s menu, go to the Pinterest tab, and paste the tag in the space provided.

pinterest wordpress site

Step 2: Enable Open Geo Meta data on YOAST SEO Plugin.

The next step is to make sure that your Open Geo Meta data is added on to your WordPress site. To do this, simply go to your YOAST SEO plugin’s Social settings, click on Facebook tab, and check “Add Open Geo meta data.”

pinterest wordpress site

Step 3: Go to Rich Pin Validator site on Pinterest

Once you have set up your WordPress site, you now have to validate it on Pinterest for them to be able to pull appropriate information in order to incorporate Rich Pins from your website. To do this, simple go to Pinterest’s developer site and click on Rich Pin Validator. There, you will be asked to enter a URL of any article post you feel is perfectly set up – don’t worry once the URL is correctly validated Rich Pins would be pulled from across the whole WordPress site.

Andddddd… you’re done! Once, your site gets validated, you’ll start seeing Rich Pins being displayed each time you or someone pins from your website.

Screen Shot 2015-09-26 at 6.33.19 PM

pinterest wordpress site

Keep in mind, in order for Rich Pins to start showing up across all of your pins, it may take about a week or so for Pinterest to properly implement it everywhere, so please be a bit patient and not drive yourself crazy as I did (eeck!)

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