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Ahhhh, finally!

This brand refresh has been such a long time coming.

I had designed the initial branding back in 2013 when I first started dreaming of having my own creative studio. The previous branding has been so dear to me that it was nearly impossible to part ways with it.

At first I’d tell myself we don’t need a redesign and that the identity was working well. However, since I remodelled the studio and made major changes, specifically by changing the name of the studio itself, it became very hard to continue with the old branding.

The Previous Brand

The previous brand identity was based on the initials of my first and last name, which was basically the name of the studio itself. However, when I decided to just keep my last name as the only name for the studio, the initials ceased to remain relevant.

Another thing was bothering me was the colour palette. Lately I have been so into muted, pastel-like colours that the previous palette, though being my favourite colours, seemed outdated and too sharp to the eye.

It took me a very long time to have this branding finalized. Like I said, it was very hard to part ways with the old branding so I had to make sure I replaced it with something that was equally mesmerizing and relevant.

I wanted the brand refresh to still have remnants of the original branding but also look sharp and fresh.

After a million concepts and iterations, we hereeeeee!

I am so happy with this brand refresh and though I have a feeling that some elements might continue to be iterated, this brand design is final.

I am extremely excited for the studio revamp and for us becoming more intentional with our offerings by focusing on the art of storytelling in all of its forms!

The Sparkly New


the Logo

the Colour Palette

zehra studio

the Imagery

zehra studio

zehra studio

the Brand

zehra studio

fatima zehra



A true storyteller at heart, a wanderess in search of magical lands and an aesthete who is perpetually dazzled by the enchantment found in the every day. Fatima's love for stories and the magic they ooze out, led her to co-found Zehra Studio, an atelier of magic. As the Chief Branding Officer (CEO), her intention for Zehra Studio is to help brands form authentic connections with their audience through storytelling and intentional design. Crafting stories with a touch of magic, Fatima has worked with a range of awesome clients to help them find their voice to tell their stories and elevate their brands while doing so.

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