I recently did an identity and website design for my personal brand, Fatima Zehra.

Lately, I had been feeling that between my studio and my blog, I often felt torn. At the end of the day, who am I? A blogger or a designer? These questions would often swirl around my head and I’d often put them to rest briefly by telling myself I am both – which I am – but it would really nag me when I’d introduce myself to someone and would often have to either pick between the two titles or awkwardly drag out the convo by explaining the two businesses and deciding on just giving one business’s contact info, such as the website.

Another issue was the fact that my former blog and studio were nested under fatimazehra.ca. However, I did a rebrand and separated the two. After doing so, the former domain and brand remained on the shelf collecting dust – which was quite sad really.

So, recently, I had an aha! moment and decided to use my personal domain as the hub for everything that I do. So instead of figuring out what to introduce myself as or what contact info to give, I can now just direct new prospects that do not fall in the categories of the blog and the creative to this site.

Plus, I always love working on a new branding project and what’s better than just doing it for yourself, no expectations or fear of rejections!

Logo Design

fatima zehra brand design

Colour Palettes

I kept similar colours to the two branches so the three could still be linked visually. Since the studio colours are bright and the blog’s muted, I kept the colours for my personal floating in the middle, not too bright, not muted either.

fatima zehra brand design

Brand Style Guide

I truly enjoyed doing the branding and the website and I couldn’t be more happier with the result!

Here is the complete brand reveal! Eeeeck! 

I am so excited for finally getting the inspiration for doing this 🙂

fatima zehra brand design

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