Storytelling & Content Creation

Storytelling telling has been the one thing that has kept us all connected through out history. From the oral tradition to print and visual, stories have been narrated since the beginning of time and have played a critical role when it comes to building connections and communities.

At Zehra we passionately believe in the power of stories and have always been smitten by the magic they ooze out. It is our passion to create stories that resonate and connect with people. From photography and videography to copywriting and strategy, we work with our clients and create content that reflects their brand’s ethos and speaks to their people.

the Stories We Tell

At Zehra we offer a range of services when it comes to storytelling. Below are just few of the services we offer to give you a sense of what we can do:

  • Content Strategy
  • Photography
  • Videography
  • Copywriting
  • Campaign Strategy & Execution
  • Illustration
  • Animation
  • Design

Regardless of the medium, our goal at Zehra is to create content and stories that are intentional and purposeful. Instead of offering cookie cutter services like photography or videography, we offer our clients full-service packages to ensure that the content we create narrate their stories in the best possible manner.

Let’s Tell Your Story

Let us help you narrate your story. From initial concept and strategy to content creation in all mediums, we at Zehra help brands build compelling content that is sure to touch the hearts of their community.

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