We believe…

In the Power of Alignment, Connection, & Expression.

the Guild is a low-cost membership created to support heart-centered entrepreneurs in various areas of their businesses. We’ve combined our 8+ years of collective expertise in business, branding, marketing, graphic design, personal development, mindset, & community building to bring you a cohesive space to help you build your brand, make lasting connections, & reconnect & align with your humanity, integrity, & highest self. Because life isn’t about how much money you make—it’s about how you make it. 

Enter The Guild

We created The Guild membership for heart-centered entrepreneurs to feel supported in their individuality & personal growth, while working alongside each other to build the brands & businesses of their dreams.

Is the Guild a right fit for you?

  • You’re still gaining your footing in the world of online business, and you’re currently working to establish yourself as a leader in your industry
  • You have big dreams, but you don’t know what you don’t know—you’re just trying to figure it all out as you go along
  • You believe in working smarter, not harder
  • Right now, your main struggle is clarity, and all you need is to establish some foundational knowledge in order to take big, empowered action towards your vision.
  • You want to be plugged into a supportive community of other ambitious, heart-centered entrepreneurs who get it (and you’re open & hoping to meet your next biz bestie!)
  • You believe that your business should support your lifestyle, and not the other way around (and yes, this is totally possible!)
  • You need support in various areas such as mindset, branding, marketing, personal growth, etc, but you don’t want to hire a 1:1 coach from each field
  • You’re looking for a low-ticket solution with high quality support so you can turn your business dreams into a reality
Sounds about right—I’m IN!

What Does the Guild Offer?

3 x live workshops // trainings


    • Every month, Fatima & Taylor will be hosting 2 workshops, as well as inviting a guest speaker to host 1 workshop in their area of expertise. Want to nominate someone to speak inside The Guild? Drop us a line 🙂
3 x live Q&A calls 


    • Have a question from one of the workshops, need clarity on your direction, or just want to ask our opinion? Every week we’ll host a Q&A call so you can feel fully supported in taking your next step. 
1 x community social


    • Not only do we encourage getting to know & collaborate with fellow guild members, we make it happen. Join us every month for a community social, where you’ll get the chance to network with like-minded individuals in a fun, virtual setting. It takes a village to build a brand!
Weekly office hours (3-hour window) for 1:1 support & feedback


    • We believe in the power of community, we also believe in the power of individual support. Ask us your burning 1:1 questions, get feedback on your content, get an Instagram audit, etc. The world is your oyster every Friday from 9-12!
The Ultimate Resource Library


    • Miss a live workshop? Wondering what to say to a potential lead? Trying to figure out how to schedule out your life inside a CRM software? We’ve got you covered with our extensive resource library. Level up your life & business with tutorials, guides, scripts, workshop replays, & more!

Workshop Topics

Brand Building
Offer Suite Creation
Systems & Automations
Social Media
Communication & Copywriting
Personal Development
Graphic Design
Money Mindset
Human Design



  • 3 x live workshops a month
  • 3 x live Q&A calls a month
  • 1 x community social a month
  • Weekly office hours (3-hour window) for 1:1 support & feedback
  • The Ultimate Resource Library
*3 month minimum commitment

VIP Plan



  • 1 x 1:1 60 min. coaching call
  • 3 x live workshops a month
  • 3 x live Q&A calls a month
  • 1 x community social a month
  • Weekly office hours (3-hour window) for 1:1 support & feedback
  • The Ultimate Resource Library

Meet Your Coaches

Fatima Zehra

Co-Founder & Chief Branding Officer at Zehra Studio

A true storyteller at heart, Fatima left the corporate world to turn her passion into profit. She always knew she wanted to narrate beautiful stories in the most creative way possible. What Fatima didn’t know was how to turn this passion into something more… So she set out to find the answers.

The beginning of the journey was tough for she had no idea where to begin and what direction to head towards. This is when Fatima made one of the biggest mistakes, she didn’t think it was important to ask for guidance.

Finally… it began to dawn on her how lost she was and if she intended to make it to her destination she needed to open herself to being guided. And so she did… she reached out, found her guide, and got to where she always knew she’d belong.

And that’s how her biggest mistake turned into her most valuable lesson.

Now, Fatima, aims to be that guide for others. To help them be the storytellers of their brands. To help them refine their passion into profit, into something much more than a fantasy, so they can finally start living it!

With over 10 years of experience in the design & marketing world, Fatima brings a unique perspective to help small businesses harness the power of branding by creating an incredible brand experience that just wows their humans & leaves a lasting (immensely positive) impact!

Taylor Fournier

Co-Founder & Brand Alignment Coach at Zehra Studio

Taylor has been an artist ever since she can remember.

During college, she operated as a portrait photographer and studied graphic design, and through her studies, discovered branding. She graduated with her bachelor’s in 2018 and began freelancing as a brand photographer & designer. It was then she stumbled upon entrepreneurship, personal development, & the coaching industry.

But upon breaking into the industry, she was confronted by cookie cutter programs & a lack of diversity in the thoughts & ideas within it. She recognized a need for more diversity, integrity & humanity to be brought into the online space.

Through immense personal development & self discovery, she was able to find clarity & confidence in who she was, leaving behind disempowering sales tactics & fully stepping into the new age of mindful marketing.

She believes that branding + marketing isn’t just about looking good, closing clients, and making bank—it’s about reaching your highest potential, becoming who you were made to be, & harnessing that energy and using it to change the world. Her coaching blends mindset & strategy to create a holistic experience in which her clients can uncover & embody the most powerful version of themselves & integrate it seamlessly into their online presence & message.

Taylor’s objective isn’t to help you do more—it’s to help you be more.

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