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In Greek mythology, Clio ("made famous" or "to make famous"), is the muse of history. She is known to be depicted as, "the proclaimer, glorifier and celebrator of history, great deeds and accomplishments."

An All-Inclusive Branding Package for the Strategic Aesthetes


Urania is a 10-week brand & web design + business coaching program that provides (aesthete) entrepreneurs with a brand identity & website while also being coached to build a strong brand that is both lucrative and aesthetic.

Together, we will collaborate on building a stunning brand identity and website that not only make an impact but also convert. We will also strategize and work on how to stand out online and create a brand presence that makes a lasting mark.

Can you relate?

  • You need a designer to build a stellar brand identity and web design while also learning the ins and outs of brand strategy so you can profitably utilize the design assets and build a stellar online presence
  • You lack a website and brand identity, hindering you from building your report and authority within your tribe
  • You’re fed up of cookie-cutter designs and want to invest in a unique brand
  • You do not just want pretty a website and brand identity but want to be able to convert your audience into paying clients
  • You are tired of seeing others kill it with their branding and online presence
  • You’re afraid of showing up online despite knowing you have so much value to offer
  • You’re stuck in the same spot for months after months even though you’ve been working your ass off

The struggle really is real…

The Internet is filled with noise coming from so-called “Gurus” telling you to…

  • Buy templates that end up with your website & brand looking like everyone else online
  • Take the cheap way out by investing in a graphic technician on Upwork or Fiver than a brand designer, only to end up wasting money on a website that looks okay but doesn’t convert
  • Focus on building a business model while completely neglecting what will make your legacy, your brand
  • You don’t need to invest in a compelling website or brand when in reality that’s what will help you scale
  • Offer shortcuts and get-rich-fast tactics when in reality those things hardly ever work

Been there done that…

Let’s face it… It’s hard building an impactful brand and so when someone offers us an alternative, a shortcut of sorts, it is very tempting to hop on that wagon.


It hardly ever works in the long run.

I have been there and I have tried that, only to fail miserably.

I played the numbers game, bought templates only to end up with a website that looks like everybody else. I focused more on building a business than a brand which made me money but only sporadically.

I grew my Instagram following to a whole new height I never imagined myself reaching, only to realize that it converted to crickets and silence – again, the result of not focusing on building a brand.

This ultimately deprived me of achieving what truly mattered to me… to create a positive impact, to build my brand, my legacy.

Because let’s face it… If, instead of working on our brand, we end up playing the numbers game, finding the cheapest way out, focusing on working the algorithm despite it changing on us at every corner and obsessing over finding hacks, we will literally be on the fastest way to nowhere

And I am talking from experience because I, too, have done that…

I cheated myself of greatness and the impact I could have made with my brand had I just invested the time and effort in developing it from the ground up, no matter the effort and the time.

Well… better late than never!

I started from scratch – well more than just scratch, I started from below scratch – and began rebuilding my brand. It took me three times as long and it is still a work in progress (it always is), however, the value I am providing is starting to show and that in itself is 100x more worth than just having a pretty looking website that doesn’t covert or a post on Instagram with 2000+ likes that hardly makes any positive impact!

Behold, Urania

Being where you are today, I realize that the struggle can be extremely hard and the road to entrepreneurial success can be a lonesome and tiresome one.


I created Urania, an all-inclusive package that allows the strategic aesthetes to have a brand identity and website that is compelling yet lucrative, while also having the opportunity to be coached in terms of business and branding, ensuring that you are well equipped to thrive and soar.

What does Urania entail exactly?

Mindset Coaching

We are what we think. Thus, a big chunk of the program is dedicated to developing mindset to unlock personal blocks that are keeping you from achieving your goals. It is often us who are our biggest obstacles and road blocks so it is only wise to start the work from within so we can open ourselves to abundance and success!

During the 10 weeks together, we will work on our mindsets both in terms of unlocking our potential as successful entrepreneurs, as well as, training our minds to think and act like brand strategists.

Skills Training

It is one thing to think like a brand strategist and whole other ball game to act like one! Therefore, while we work our brains to think in terms of brand strategy and aesthetics, we will also work on our skillsets to be able to execute the vision.

Brand Identity & Web Design

The most amazing part about Urania is that it is a hybrid service that involves coaching and brand/web design. Meaning, while getting business and brand coaching, you will also have a stunning brand identity and website ready for you to go conquer all the dreams we have planned together.

Brand Development & Strategy

Having an identity and website that is on-brand is just a chunk of the puzzle, not the entirety of it. Therefore, during our 10 weeks together – while your brand and website is being designed and built – you will be coached on brand development and strategy. This ensures that once our time together comes to an end (not forever though), you will have all the skills and training you need to continue building your legacy on your own!

Is Urania Really For Me?

Are you…

  • A Personal Trainer, Bookkeeper or Accountant, Videographer, Photographer, Designer, Copywriter, Health Coach, Personal Coach, Life Coach, Nutritionist, Influencer, Social Media Specialist, Blogger, Personal Stylist, Real Estate Broker, Interior Designer, e-Commerce Merchant
  • Have the passion and want to build a business via online presence
  • You believe in the magical powers of a solid brand identity and a website that converts but can’t find the designer who can not only execute the vision but also collaborates with you to make it even better!
  • You are looking for a brand designer and a business coach
  • You don’t just want to invest in a pretty brand or website but one that converts
  • You have so much value you can provide but you just don’t know how to stand out in the noise that is the Internet
  • You are hella confused as to how to show up online
  • Despite doing a sh*t ton of work (or so it seems) you seem to be treading waters and literally going nowhere fast

Sounds like you?

Keep on reading, my friend!

What does Urania Teach?

Developing a Business Model that is Both Lucrative and Aligns with Who You Are

Understanding What a Brand Entails and How to Develop Strategy

Leveraging Storytelling to Make an Impactful Impression that Converts

Developing an On-Brand Aesthetic

A Strong Social Media Presence, including Email Marketing, that Makes an Impact

What does Urania Include?

Weekly 1:1 Coaching Calls

(worth $3000)

This is where the magic begins to brew. During our 1:1 calls, we will strategize, discuss, and execute all the wonderful ideas you’ve been cooking up all this while. The aim for 1:1 calls is to give individualize help and guidance so we can get your brand to where it deserves!

Brand Identity that Makes an Impact

(worth $2997)

This is where the magic happens! Together, we will collaborate and brainstorm the idea for the brand’s visual identity. Once we come up with a stellar concept, you can sit back and relax while I get to work to ideate the dream to reality!

Website that Converts

(worth $3997)

Once we have our brand identity nailed to the tee, we will then get back to the whiteboard together to brainstorm the best user experience provided by the website. From layout design to the user journey, I will walk you through what elements entail a stunning website that converts. After we have our concept finalized, I will get to work to bring that vision to life.

Access to Urania’s Agora, the Slack Channel

(worth $750)

For when an idea or issue can’t wait for that weekly call, Slack is where its at! With 24/7 access to group and private chat, you will be able to connect with your wonderful Urania community to help you find that detour to get yourself past the obstacle in your journey and closer to your destiny!

Access to Urania ClickUp Space with Individual Folder & Timeline

(worth $750)

This is for all the geeks and type As! ClickUp is an amazing project management software that helps you stay on track in a collaborative environment. Once you sign up for Urania, you will get invited to an individual folder on ClickUp that will have all of the program’s timelines and milestone all preset for you. With that said, you can change the timelines and milestone to your own pace and priorities. Either way, this is an amazing tool to keep you on track and ensure that we are doing everything we can to elevate your brand to the highest level!

Urania’s Emblem

(worth $450)

As a part of Urania’s clique, you will get an exclusive creative pack containing everything that you need to establish an astonishing brand right from the get go so that while you learn and develop your custom brand, you have a strong basis to start off with. The pack includes presets, graphics, illustrations, social media templates, PDF guides covering photography basics, content strategy and scheduling, and a whole lot more!

the Muse Community


Did I mention that it takes a village to establish a brand? I did? Oh well, let me say it again… It takes a village to establish a brand! Being part of Urania means you’re part of the clique, the Agora where we gather up and strategize together to help elevate each other’s brands to great heights!

How much does Urania actually Cost?

Pay in FullMost Popular

$ 7547

One Time Payment
    • Includes:
    • 8 Weeks of Expert Coaching
    • Weekly 1:1 Coaching Calls with Fatima
    • Brand Identity Design
    • WordPress Website Design
    • Weekly Slack support
    • Access to Clio’s ClickUp space to keep up with timelines and milestones
    • Lifetime Access To The Clio Exclusive Video Library
    • The Exclusive Clio Community

Payment Plan2 payments of

$ 3997

Per Month
    • Includes:
    • 8 Weeks of Expert Coaching
    • Weekly 1:1 Coaching Calls with Fatima
    • Brand Identity Design
    • WordPress Website Design
    • Weekly Slack support
    • Access to Clio’s ClickUp space to keep up with timelines and milestones
    • Lifetime Access To The Clio Exclusive Video Library
    • The Exclusive Clio Community


Only looking for a Website that Converts?

If you’re just looking to establish your online turf and don’t necessarily need an all-inclusive package that includes complete branding, I also offer a web design package, Clio

Pay in FullMost Popular

$ 4997

One Time Payment
    • Includes:
    • WordPress Website Design
    • Website Strategy and User Journey
    • 6-pages including up to 2 Sales Pages
    • Launch Plan
    • Automations Workflow Setup & Implementation
    • Weekly Slack support
    • Access to Clio’s ClickUp space to keep up with timelines and milestones

Payment Plan2 payments of

$ 2497

Per Month
    • Includes:
    • WordPress Website Design
    • Website Strategy and User Journey
    • 6-pages including up to 2 Sales Pages
    • Launch Plan
    • Automations Workflow Setup & Implementation
    • Weekly Slack support
    • Access to Clio’s ClickUp space to keep up with timelines and milestones


Questions? Here are some Answers

What is the timeline of the service?

The program is 10-week long with the option of an add-on extension should you feel you want to continue our partnership in terms of design and coaching.

What kind of support do I get?

You will get:

  • Weekly 30 min. coaching calls
  • 24/7 access to the Slack channel where you can directly send me & the community instant messages
  • Regular updates regarding web and brand design
  • Brand strategy and plan upon completion

What if I ONLY need a full-functioning website that converts?

If you’re only seeking to get a website designed and set up, I also offer a web design package, Clio for the price of $4997 (payment plans available). The package includes:

  • UX/UI design including user journey
  • 6-pages including up to 2 sales pages
  • Automation system designed and implemented
    • Contact forms
    • Pop-ups
    • Social Media widgets
  • Membership or Shop portal (if needed)
  • Click/Sales Funnels

How is this different from other programs?

For starters, unlike other programs, this program focuses more on building your brand than just a business. Your business is the skeleton, whereas your brand is the entire persona. Everyone has a business, it is only a few who have a brand and those are the ones that are the most successful. Secondly, the program doesn’t just focus on making your brand look pretty, it also focuses on sales and lead generation using online marketing tactics. So, honestly, its is a program packed with high value in all areas to ensure you are set off for ultimate success. And finally, this is not just a coaching program. It is a hybrid, meaning while being coached you will also get a brand identity and website designed for you.

What is the commitment level?

It is high! You will be learning new strategies and skills each week and they will only be as good as the time you invest in them. We only get results by executing strategies and the knowledge we learn. In simpler terms, expect to put in 5 hours min. per week in addition to our calls and training sessions. In terms of design and website, all you’ll be needing to do is show up as your authentic self, provide honest & thorough feedback and take the backseat while I implement the strategies.

How do I know this is for me?

This program is perfect for you if…

  • You want to build a brand not just a business
  • You want to create something much bigger than just a source of income
  • You don’t just want a pretty looking website but one that converts!
  • You want to stop relying on others to tell you what to do every step of the way and instead want to learn to think & act like a brand strategist so that once you get your website and branding in place, you know exactly how to use them to make an impact


To help realize whether or not we are the perfect match and if I can indeed help you get to where you want to go, we hop on a free 30 minute discovery call before you sign up for the program. During this call, I will do an audit of your business’s current standing, help you come up with an initial strategy and outline the next steps for you. So really, it is a totally risk-free opportunity to snag!

How is Urania different than Calliope?

Glad you asked! Calliope is strictly a coaching program that teaches you brand strategy and how to build your brand identity & website. Whereas, Urania is an all-inclusive package that includes brand strategy & design as well as brand coaching, meaning while I will be coaching you brand and business strategy, I will be the one designing and creating your brand identity + website.

Why should I get coaching when I can hire someone to do it for me?

“Give a person a fish, and you’ll feed them for a day. Teach a person to fish, and you’ve fed them for a lifetime.”

While yes, you can hire a brand strategist, social media strategist, web designer, you will always be at the mercy of their level of execution of your vision which may not always translate as greatly as it would if it was executed from the source, you.

As your brand scales, you will need to hire these specialists regardless of whether you can execute the tasks yourself. However, this time, you won’t be giving up the reigns, instead you’ll be delegating. This ensures that the OG vision of your brand stays true to a T!

With all that said, you are also essentially hiring a designer as I will be designing and building your brand identity and website in addition to coaching you business and brand strategy!

What are the payment plans?

You have the option to pay $7497, 100% upfront and save or we can do 2 payments of $3997.

If you are looking for the lite version of the package, the pricing is PIF $4997 or 2 payments of $2497.

Please do keep in mind all prices are in USD. 

Meet Your Guide & Designer


A true storyteller at heart, Fatima left the corporate world to turn her passion into profit. She always knew she wanted to narrate beautiful stories in the most creative way possible. Stories that were both personal and fantasy. What Fatima didn’t know was how to turn this passion into something more… So she set out to find the answers.

The beginning of the journey was tough for she had no idea where to begin and what direction to head towards. This is when Fatima made one of the biggest mistakes, she didn’t think it was important to ask for guidance. Thus, she set out aimlessly and blindly, falling trap to obvious obstacles that left her further away from where she wanted to go.

Finally… it began to dawn on her how lost she was and if she intended to make it to her destination she needed to open herself to being guided, to be helped. And so she did… she reached out, found her guide, and got to where she always knew she’d belong and she was right.

And that’s how her biggest mistake turned into her most valuable lesson.

Now, Fatima, aims to be that guide for others. To help them be the storytellers of their brands, of their dream. To help them turn their passion into profit, into something much more than a fantasy, so they can finally start living it!

So, what’s it gonna be?

Are you ready to take Action?

Still on the fence?

I know it can be tough trying to figure out what your next steps should be. Mistakes can be big setbacks and sometimes we need to be careful as to not fall prey to every shiny thing that is presented to us. Trust me, I know, I am just like you and I have been where you are right now.

I have always believed that magic is created on the foundations of strong and trusting relationships. As your potential coach, your guide, it is important to test out that very foundation, whether or not we are the right fit for each other.

So let’s take our relationship out for a test drive to see if we are the right match. To see if I can guide you to where you need to be and whether or not you feel you can trust me to take you take.

Book a Clarity Call

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