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Say you published a post as soon as you woke up and ended up not getting a great response, you get disheartened but decide to give it another try later in the day, around noon. This time, you get an amazing response – lots of retweets, shares, likes, all kinds of love being thrown at you. Feeling pleased, you pat yourself on the back and move on with the day. This probably happens a lot but may not have noticed it. Or even if you did, chances are you consider it a hit or a miss and keep at it like a game of Russian Roulette. Well it doesn’t have to be like Russian Roulette… 

Let me give you some handy insight and a guide to make sure you up your social media game!

You don’t need to know extensively about human behaviour or the science behind it to become an expert at figuring what times work best. Simple observations can do wonders when it comes to gaining maximum traction on social media.

Look at Your Social Media Channels’ Analytics

Before I get into the nitty gritty and give away the typical answers as to what timings or days are best to post, I would like to point out that they may not always be the best time slots for you. Your audience may be from a different culture, time zone, etc. which may influence your traction rate. Therefore, it is always wise to observe your trends based on your social media channels’ analytics. Observe the results during the last three months and notice what days and times you received the most response. If the results seem completely random and you can’t figure at all what days seem to be the best, then you’re probably better off following the guide mentioned below. But again, social media marketing is about experimenting so don’t be afraid to break some rules and do a bit of experimentation yourself!

Best Times & Days to Schedule Social Media Posts

According to a study, 50% of U.S. population in based in the eastern time zone. If your main audience lies in the United States, you may want to factor that in as those residing in the east coast and in the regions lying in that time zone may become your best fans. However, it is further noted that almost 30% of the U.S. population resides in the Central Time Zone, meaning by keeping those two time zones in mind when scheduling may result in engaging 80% of the country – in theory at least! 

With that out of the way, let’s dissect each major social media channels individually to see what times may work best for your audience.


According to Quick Sprout, the best times to post on Facebook are between 12-1PM on the weekends being the most popular. It is also suggested that during the weekdays, Thursdays and Fridays have the highest traction rate when compared to other weekdays between the hours of 1-4PM. 


According to Quick Sprout, the best time to tweet at 5PM on weekdays, however, tweeting anytime between 12PM-6PM will get you the most click through rates. With that said, you should be mindful of your audience. If your audience is mainly consumers, then weekends seem to be the best days to tweet and share posts. Twitter is most used during work days in between breaks and commutes – go figure.


Pinterest is mainly a hobbyist’s go to social media channels, therefore, it isn’t surprising to realize that weekends are the best days to pin. In fact, late Saturdays seem to be the best time to pin to maximize the reach of your audience according to Quick Sprout. If you’re looking to pin during the weekday, any time between 2-4pm would be the most optimal. Fridays seem to be the most popular weekday to reach your audience on Pinterest.


Considering the fact that Instagram is mainly a mobile app, it is refreshing to know that you can post everyday and anytime and get the best traction. However, it is suggested at you should avoid posting between the hours of 3-4PM. However, research suggests that Mondays and Thursdays get slightly more love than the rest of the week, so you may want to keep your game on during those two days for sure.

Other Factors to Consider

Consistency Trumps Everything

Even though these times and days are based on extensive research done by Quick Sprout and their team, do not forget the fact that consistency always trumps everything else. If you do stick to these suggestions but are not consistent then you may not receive the best traction rate as you thought you would. So be consistent and keep posting regularly.

Study Your Audience

Use this guide as just a guide or reference rather. Notice the times and posts that give you the highest engagement rate. It may be that some of your posts seem to be better in quality, therefore they received higher traction, whereas others may lack in quality and fail to gain an impressive engagement rate. Same goes for time as well, your post may be top-notch but the time wasn’t on your side. Therefore, always be mindful of your activities and your audience’s activities and what practice works best for you. 

The Takeaway Guide

Here is a neat PDF guide I compiled to help you stay on track with your social media marketing.

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In Summary…

Below is the neat infographic by Quick Sprout summarizing everything I just mentioned.

social media

social media

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