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As more and more social media channels become available, it is only natural for us to focus on one of them primarily. However, this may not always be a good idea. 

Many of you must be aware of Instagram’s new policy, the kind that mimics Facebook’s News Feed. If not, let me explain to you what it entails.

Why Focusing on One Social Media Channel May Be a Bad Idea…

Basically, Instagram will stop showcasing posts in a chronological manner, instead, it will display posts based on it popularity amongst your community, a.k.a. you friends, family or anyone you currently follow. For instance, if you best friend posted a picture hours earlier but you weren’t able see it because you were busy and unable to check your Instagram feed, you will now still be able to view as one of your top posts in your feed regardless of the fact that its been a while since it was initially posted.

Now for many of us who tend to use Instagram to increase our following and to promote our website or blog, this may be bad news… but it doesn’t have to be. 

It is easy for many of us to get lost in the competition of standing out and getting the most followers and likes. We tend to forget now and then — or at least I do- that we are in the business to promote our website, our services. The goal is not to have tonnes of likes or followers, but to attract potential customers that will most likely be converted into paying customers.

Therefore, Instagram’s new policy tends to act as a valuable lesson to most of us as we are reminded that we needn’t chase popularity alone but focus primarily on effectively marketing our services and business in the most effective way possible.

Never Put All Your Eggs in One Basket

This is why, I always suggest never to put all your eggs in one basket, i.e. not focus solely on one social media channel or strategy. If not today, Instagram’s policies would have changed tomorrow. We have already witnessed the evolution of Facebook, how much it has changed ever since it’s inception. Similarly, Google keeps changing its metrics as well. Today we religiously follow Google’s guidelines to ramp up our SEO, but as we all know it can change any day! So why focus solely on one channel or one strategy? 

It is my belief that we should have solid strategies in place, while be flexible enough to adjust to the ever-changing trends. Therefore, strive to keep a healthy presence in all of your social media channels and continue learning about the latest trends, so that when things do change you’re not so tied up in yesterday that you forget to adjust along the way and fall off the track.

social media

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